Monday, October 18, 2004


Whistler Weasel Worker Members' Page

What's a Weasel and what's a Whistler Weasel Worker?
A search of the Internet yields few clues. The "Near-Weaselly" links on the left were found, but they probably miss the mark. There are a few references to people who are Weasel Workers who volunteer and do good works, and there is a press release or two, but nothing seems to describe the Whistler Weasel Worker. Perhaps they are indescribable. Perhaps a picture is better than words:

Whistler "Weasel Workers" hard at work on the Lake Louise "Winterstart" downhill course. Here's a load of "B" net waiting to be distributed around the course. Albert and Doug are making sure it doesn't get stolen by marmots and George is keeping a wary eye peeled for the marauding varmints. Karl is looking for some lost twine. Good work, lads! You will have earned your two (2) beer tickets today!

Current Calls to Arms

What's up next for the wascally Weasels .................

Bormio Next?.

We know of nothing special coming up before our contingent leaves for Bormio in mid-January.


Recent Events

November 17 through November 29 - about 38 Weasels decented on Lake Louise to set up for the Men's Downhill. This year we got in three good training runs before a very successful race. 'Twas a big job well done. Besides the usual sore feet, creaky backs and cranky knees we know of no unfortunate incidents save Vincent Lavoie's sad accident in the SG. More comments on the Main page.

November 13 - Owen's induction into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. See note on the main page.

The 2004 Whistler Mountain Ski Club Dinner Auction was held
Friday, November 5, 2004 at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver.
Murray Wood reserved a table for Whistler Weasels but, of course, he was off traveling and missed the event. There was a good turnout and the evening seemed to be a success.

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